Single wan with two public Subnets

  • Hello together,

    Since over an year I’m running a pfSense on an ESXi-Host with several Linux and Microsoft Machines behind. So far everything works perfect.

    This week we run out of public IP-Addresses and got an second ipv4 /29 Subnet from our Hoster. What is at the moment not absolutely clear to us is how to add the second Subnet to our pfSense.

    What we tried out so far is the following configuration (without any success):

    • We added an Virtual IP to our LAN Interface with the IP-Address of the new Gateway (First useable IP of the Subnet)

    • We manually added and new Outbound NAT-Rule to our WAN Interface

      • Of cause we created the firewall-Rules…

      For now a ping is going from the first to the second network but not to an Ip outside…

      I’m pretty sure, that this should be some kind of standard situation. And of cause we did a lot of search through the web and this Forum here but what we need is some kind of hint, what exactly to look for.

      Thank’s in advance!  :)



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