Backup thinks it's the Master

  • I have been running a pfSense Server for some time now and finally decided it was time to add a second for failover.  I set everything up and the Synchronization worked great.  All my firewall rules, Virtual IPs, and settings moved over great.  However, when I go to CARP status on each server they both say they are master.

    Both servers are identical Dell 850 rack mount servers with 3 interfaces. 
    I am running 1.2.RC3 on both servers as well as haProxy for load-balancing. 
    On Server 1 I checked every box for synchronization and entered the IP for Server 2 to sync to. 
    On Server 2 I only checked to enable synchronization.
    I have the boxes connected via a dedicated 10/100 interface through a crossover cable.
    On Server 1 the Virtual IPs have an advertising frequency of 0.
    On Server 2 the Virtual IPs have an advertising frequency of 100.
    I have a firewall rule on the SYNC interface on both servers to allow all traffic.

    I did at one point see an error scrolling at the top saying something about Error Code 2 Invalid Payload Received or something similar.  However I don't see this error anymore.

    Any idea what might be causing this.  I know it should work, I have the same exact setup as a colleague of mine and his had been working for a long time.  The only difference is he is running 1.2.RC1.


  • I just seen there was another topic discussing this same problem already.  Sorry  :-[

    Anyway, do you think this update will fix my issue?  My install disk was made about 2 weeks ago from 1.2.RC3:
    [quote author=sullrich link=topic=7049.msg40249#msg40249 date=1197312577]
    I just commited some fixes for this.  Please install a snapshot from in 2-3 hours from now.

  • I did a firmware update to that shapshot and it did not fix the issue.

  • I found the problem.

    The WAN interface on Server 2 was plugged into the wrong VLAN on the switch.  Not sure why that would cause this problem, but all is working as it should now.

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