[Help!] What the heck is going on here? (Queues showing insane numbers)

  • Since  picture is worth more than words:
    graph.png - This is normal
    queue.png - this… I dunno what this is.

    The queue screen is showing some insane numbers.  pfTop does as well.

    What in the world did I mess up?

    On a plus side... nothing actually seems to be affected by this.  Queues seem to be working (mostly) fine, but I wanted to tweak some stuff, so I was checking here, and noticed these absolutely impossible numbers.

  • Could anyone tell me what has happened?  The traffic shaper used to work so well.  Now I can't make heads or tails of what is going on, because the numbers are not realistic.  Therefore I can't get the new traffic types working correctly because I have no idea where they are ending up.

    Anyone know why pf could be showing such insane numbers?

  • Okay, since I'm guessing no-one has any idea what is causing this, then let me ask something else. Can the firewall rules cause pf to count traffic incorrectly? If not, I may be able to back up the rules (there are a ton of them) and restore them to a new install.

    Can anyone say whether it not this will work?

  • I have crazy numbers, too.  Strange to see our bandwidth topping 285 Mbps when our entire link is only 90 Mbps…  It seems to happen when I've recently refreshed the display since the Queues view can get behind (even thought it's supposed to auto-update every 5 seconds), and you need to manually refresh it sometimes.

  • I have the same problem, pfSense shows me speeds as a datacenter @home :D

  • Including your pfsense version would probably be a help.

  • Problem exists on 2.1.0, 2.1.1 and 2.1.2.  Below is another example.  We have a 90 Mbps symmetrical link.

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