[SOLVED]High CPU load - Pfsense 2.1+CP+multisubnet+ 300 plus MAC pasthrough

  • Hello

    I would like to report something

    I use pfsense 2.1 as intervlan routing to my campus
    All LAN clients in VLANS are able to be pinged from WAN
    Intervlan function seem to be working fine.

    Layer 2

    Then, I activated the captive portal to auth access to our hotspot VLANs ( we have 5 VLANs, one for each floor)
    To provide ROAMING function , I use passthrough MAC function Auto entry, so when new user logged-in to one hotspot VLANs, his/her MAC are stored in passthrough MAC table, along with his/her username.

    After users started to logged in, within minutes, lots of MACs are stored to the table
    By this time, I started to see pattern of CPU spike every 60 minutes.

    What do you guys think this is? Is this normal for Captive Portal with 300+ MACs in the passthrough table?
    Thanks for all reply.

  • I think I found a solution from this thread


    I did 2 changes:

    1. Change WAN IPV6 Configuration, from DHCP to NONE
    2. Advanced - Networking - IPV6, uncheck Allowed IPV6

    Problem solved. I hope it will help other people.

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