Do i need traffic shaping in my scenario?

  • Hello,

    We have a sales office and agents are on Yealink VoIP hardphones. We have two modems connected to pfSense, WAN and OPT1. I have configured the rules so all voip calls go out via OPT1, this works perfectly as i can see in the gateway graphs on the homepage.

    PS: The top graph shows a youtube stream, is it normal that is that spikey when traffic shaper is on?

    However we noticed that when agents are calling they still get voip quality problems when a file is being download or we are using a streaming service, even though this traffic is going over the WAN link and not the OPT1 link.

    Can i resolve this with the traffic shaper or is this caused by something on a lower level, for instance the portswitch?

    I tried configuring the traffic shaper with this guide:

    But i'm not sure if it's working. When i go to Status > Queues i see this:

    As you can see the qVoIP queue is empty but instead the traffic is going in the qACK queue. Is this normal?

    Here are also some screenshots of my floating and LAN rules:

    Contrary to the guide i did not specify a source address for my voip phones (since i'm using DHCP) but instead i specified the server on the internet they register with.

    Feedback, help and tips are very much appreciated


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