Scripting alerts for Flash vulnerabilities with Snort on pfsense

  • I am really enjoying my pfsense experience. I have a netgate rack mount server with pfsense and snort IPS installed and would like to find a way to be alerted when Adobe Flash vulnerabilities are found in my data stream. Can this be done with pfsense and its packages today? I can see my snort blocklist when I log into pfsense and it works great to block malicious traffic, but I'd still like to get emails or other types of notification when Flash vulnerabilities are found. Any ideas?

    Thanks to the community for providing such a great appliance and documentation, it rocks.

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    The Emerging Threats Rules has a "Policy" category that has Flash alerts. I am using the Paid version, so I am not 100% sure if those rules are in the Free ET Version.

    If you use Chrome as a browser, Flash and PDF viewing of files is builtin.

    You can pretty much get away without installing FLASH and Adobe Reader for most installations by using Chrome.

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