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  • Dear All,

    I install pfsense 2.1 and already configure the WAN(PPPOE) and LAN using the wizard. I can ping already the pfsense machine using the other computer. My concern is the internet. on the dashboard I can already see the public IP address given by the ISP but when I try to ping the google using the webconfiguration and the using the pfsense machine, the result is timeout. I noticed the under the firewall rule on the wan tab is has a message 'no rules are currently defined for this interface all incoming connection on this interface will be blocked until you add pass rule pfsense'. How do I to configure this? Kindly help me with this. I also attached the screen shot of this.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Yes, WAN is blocked for incoming traffic. The whole purpose of the firewall. Plus, you are looking at completely wrong interface if you are trying to ping Google from your LAN. Those rules go to LAN.

  • True but he 's got to add one allow rule for wan too.Right?? :S

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    No. You add rules to interfaces where the traffic first hits the firewall, i.e., LAN in this case.

  • It seems that i miss something…. :(

  • pfSense is a stateful firewall. When a connection is successfully started, a state is created. Any traffic matching that state in BOTH directions is allowed. So when a LAN client connects to google.com a state is created and the reply trafic from google.com is allowed into WAN and router back to the client.

    It all works out-of-the-box with the default allow any rule on LAN.

    What else have you done in seting this up?

    Do NOT put a gateway on LAN. Gateway only goes on WAN.

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