Replacing vendor xDSL router

  • Hi guys and welcome to me!  ;D ;D ;D

    i've the following scenario:

    INTERNET <–---> Vendor Router xDSL (with 8 static IP) <-----> Internal Router  <-----> Office LAN

    Example of assigned IP addresses:

    In my case, i checked that the vendor router has and have assigned to my internal router WAN IP and for my LAN IP 192.168.x.x


    now, I need to change my vendor router with a stupid xDSL modem/router in bridge mode + a dedicated hardware with pfsense on board.

    I think to be able to configure this, but unlucky haven't pfsense here....

    My question is now:

    • configure one Ethernet NIC as my WAN IP (
    • configure another Ethernet NIC as my LAN IP (

    BUT, what if i shoulda configure a third NIC exactly like the second one?


    think one like this:

    In the LAN ports, now I have every IP and i can plug a cable whatever I want. In Pfsense, how can I configurate them?

    THX guys!!!

  • P.S. in real, no LAN with 20.x.x.x…  they're WAN and NAT is disabled    ;)

  • sorry guys again…... I'm watching some youtube videos, and I think that in my case i shoulda use "interface groups"

    tomorrow i will try at office

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