[solved] floppy config file how to backup ?

  • Hello all,

    I have my first pfsense running. I am just good with the Live-CD install and floppy configuration storage. I am coming from monowall and needed a second WAN interface with DHCP.
    I like this slick setup and it is doing a perfect job for me.

    I know I can backup the configuration using the webgui. But I like also a second or third backup floppy to stick into the machine, if needed to be. Just in case!

    My question: What is the best way to make one or two copies of the floppy written by pfsense ?
    I noticed that there is more on the floppy then just the config xml file.

    If one of you would have a suggestion ?
    Thank you.


  • got it as I found it in the docs.


    The example with the USB drive gave the answer.

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