New Install - Can't Ping Public IP

  • I did a brand new install of PFSense.  I followed the basic setup.  My two NICs have a static internal LAN IP and DHCP WAN.  I can see the WAN has an IP from Comcast.  I can ping local LAN IPs and the WAN IP.  I cannot ping external IPs.  I've tried pinging &  Can someone point me to what could be wrong?


  • I am not sure what was wrong, but I was using a different 192.168.x.0 subnet that the default  When I sued the default things started working.

  • Same problem here - exactly as you described it.

    If I perform a vanilla install then everything works.  If I make a minor change to set the internal network to a 192.168.0.X instead of the default 192.168.1.X then routing dies.

    I can perform NSlookups from the diagnostics and the WAN interface will get an IP from DHCP but other than that nothing works.

  • Is the WAN actually getting a private IP by DHCP from your ISP front-end router device?
    If it gets the subnet that will conflict with LAN and stuff things up.
    Do not set the LAN subnet to the same (or overlapping) what is on WAN.

  • What Phil said is what people that actually understand things say  ;D

    Me can add a noob contribution: I just installed a new NIC and added a WAN-interface. I got an external ip, but couldn't ping google. Reboot, and done, it worked.

  • Yes, reboot is a great help for Pfsense, indeed.

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