LAN and OPT1 dhcp server issues

  • Hello,

    I have three interfaces setup; WAN, LAN and OPT1. LAN is set with dhcpd serving addresses (192.168.0.x). WAN is set static. OPT1 is set as static, with dhcpd serving addresses (192.168.1.x).

    If I enable the dhcp server on OPT1, it doesn't appear to work (I can't get and IP from it). But what makes this interesting is that LAN starts sending out the 192.168.1.x addresses that OPT1 should be! This returns to normal when I disable either OPT1 or the dhcp server on OPT1.

    Nothing in my config looks out of the ordinary. OPT1 is set (or was) to serve dhcp as it will have an Access Point hooked up to it at a later date. The start and end addresses for both interfaces dhcp server settings appear fine (192.168.x.10-192.168.x.100).

    Bug, or did I miss a config option?



  • What subnet bits are you using on your interfaces?

  • /16 for both.

    Is this the issue?


  • yes.
    a router routes between networks.
    right now you have on both interfaces the same network.
    search with google on how networks work.
    use /24.

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