CARP + Multi-WAN Fail over

  • I have 2 pfSense routers setup in a CARP configuration. I have the fail over of the routers working on the primary WAN connection but neither router1 or router2 fails over to the secondary T1 connection.

    I have the 2 routers setup with CARP IPs on WAN1, WAN2, and the LAN. Each router has it's own individual LAN and WAN IPs though.

    Below is a screen show of my load balancer pool

    and my advanced outbound NAT rules

    I cannot seem to figure out why the routers do not fail over to the WAN2 connection after I unplug the WAN1 connection from both Router1 and Router2. WAN1 is showing as a failed state in the load-balancer monitor once WAN1 is pulled. I believe the routers started routing again once I changed the default gateway in the console on each router to be that of the WAN2 connection.

    I've followed the MultiWan 1.2 document for the fail over settings, but I'm guessing there is something I'm missing.

    thanks for any help in advance.

  • could someone clairfy how i need to setup the fail over load balancer pool? Do I need 2 pools or one? I'm kinda of confused by the multiwan 1.2 document.

  • A carp cluster failover should be similar to a normal failover setup. Did you change the gateway to your Wan1Fail pool on the default firewall run on the LAN tab? You also may need to add a route to provider 2's DNS server via the OPT2 interface (if clients use pfSense for DNS).
    The two pools are simply so you can use policy routing with failover. For example, you could add a rule sending http out wan2 with Wan2Fail as the gateway. If you used the WAN2 gateway instead of the pool, http would break if wan2 went down.

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