Riverbed Steelhead 100/200 install to hard drive. all nic's working also

  • So after 3 month's of screwing around with this neat platform I figured out how to install Pfsense to the hard drive I also got the lan and wan nic's working.

    1. Open up the case and remove hard drive.
    2. Use a USB to IDE adapter to connect drive to your computer.
    3. Format HDD to ext4.
    4. Download PFsense live CD installer and FreeBSD
    5. Set up virtual box to boot live CD. and attach USB drive to virtual.
    6. Select option during boot to install pfsense.
    7. Do not use the easy installer. Select install pfsense. Select correct drive. Select Format drive. Select use this geometry if it is correct.  select defaults till you get to the 'Install Kernel' page. at this point Select 'Embedded NO VGA'. when you hit the reboot screen Select reboot. when device reboots to the boot screen power off the virtual.
    8. Build a virtual of FreeBsD.
    9. Boot into your FreeBSD install. here we are going to mount the USB disk and change fstab file. 'mkdir pfmod'. Find correct drive in my case it was /dev/da0s1a. mount drive to folder that we just built. 'mount /dev/da0s1a pfmod'. now 'vi pfmod/etc/fstab'.  change both drive locations to start with 'ad' so now they look like /dev/ad0s1a & /dev/ad0s1b. save file and shutdown virtual.
    10. remove drive from USB adapter.

    Ok at this point you have a bootable drive that will work with this system.  lets get the nic's working.

    I have 2 different versions of this motherboard.

    1. SBC8a805 REVa2-rc. look for jumper 'JP3' there should be 6 pins on this jumper set. if you have the nic's facing away from you the header is on the left hand side between the USB ports and the wan nic. You will need to put a jumper on the back right two pins next to the wan nic. This will enable the relays.
    2. SBC8a806 REV a5-rc. look for jumper 'JP10' this pin header is only 2 pins place a jumper on the pins. this will enable the nic's

    Now that your nic's are fixed replace the hard drive.

    Connect a console cable to your computer configure the console for 9800 8n1. I have also had this baud rate set to everything else under the sun. So you might need to mess with this part.
    once you get the bios boot screen go into bios. Default bios,Then set boot disk and baud to 9800. Save and reboot.

    Now configure pfsense as you would normally will.

    port mapping goes as.
    wan <> fxp0
    lan  <> fxp1
    opt1 <> fxp2
    opt2 <> fxp3

    READ THIS !!!!!!!!!!
    one word of caution if the lan and wan ports are used as a bond or will be on the same broadcast domain. when you shut off the device the nic's get connected together.  This will make a loop in your lan. VERY VERY BAD.

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