Multiple Public IPs with only one interface

  • Hi there,

    I browsed the forums already and read some multi ip related issues but sadly, nothing about how to set it up correctly from scratch.

    I have 1.2-RC3 with only one WAN and one LAN.

    I have 3 servers that I wish to give each a public IPs = - Gateway = - Web server = - Application server = - File server

    Please, really need help how to do this correctly.

    Thank you in advance

  • You must hone your search-fu, grasshopper. It is currently weak. I'm too lazy to link you to relevant threads, so I'll give you some quick setup tips. As a side note, those IP's look a bit odd. Providers usually assign /29 blocks to customers with only three or four servers, and those numbers only make sense in a /27.
    I'm assuming you have the WAN of the firewall set to .206 and the LAN set to .1
    You would then go to firewall, virtual IPs, and add 207, 208, and 209 as Virtual Ips. I would use Proxy-arp, single-address for each of them.
    If you have only a few ports to open, then go firewall, NAT, port-forward. Pick the correct external ip, internal ip and port, leave the 'auto-create firewall rule' box checked. Repeat for other services.
    You could also add 1-1 NATs, then open the required ports under firewall, rules, WAN using the Internal IP of the server.

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