Squidguard - multiple users/groups

  • Hi,

    I have multiple users in different groups and want to assign different ACL's in squidguard. I have ran into a problem when I went to configure the ACL's.

    I have the following scenario:

    • Group 1 - can access all websites WITHOUT having access to online mail such as Gmail

    • Group 2 - SAME as above BUT can ACCESS online mail

    For these ACL's to work, I have downloaded a blacklist from Shallalist. The problem is that if I assign ACL's to the first group, how can I assign the SAME ACL's to the second group and add online mail too? Do I need to do the same process of choosing the same ACL's as the first group and then add online mail? This can take plenty of time if you have multiple groups and just want to add or remove 1 or 2 ACL's. Hope I was clear with my explanation :). I appreciate your help. Thanks

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    They must be independent. It's more work but that is what is required. Each ACL must define the exact list of actions for each category.

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