LAN not getting routed through default GW

  • I've been racking my head against this all day and can't seem to get anywhere.  I think I've covered all the basics but haven't gotten anywhere.

    I can't seem to access the internet from the LAN.  Trying to ping an IP or a name both fail.
    My WAN has a static IP and according to the Routing table in pfSense, the default GW is the proper GW for my WAN IP.
    From the pfSense box I can access the internet fine, one curious thing though…from pfSense, if I try to ping using the LAN interface I get nothing.  I test this with another pfSense box I have and I could do it so I think that's supposed to work.

    The gateway on my laptop is set to the pfSense IP, so I know it should be getting that far anyway but seems to stop there.

    Thanks for any insight into this, I know it's a somewhat common question and generally is a simple solution.

  • Ok, I don't know what it is but it seemed to be a bug.  I ran the General Setup wizard again per somebody's suggestion, didn't change anything and now it's working.  Seems changing some things manually doesn't take full effect somewhere.  I did originally have a different LAN subnet set and changed it later manually.  All is well now.

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    Sounds like maybe you didn't have the gateway selected on Interfaces > WAN which made automatic outbound NAT fail (similarly, adding a gateway on the LAN interface will break it)

  • This sounds like my issue. Are you saying that we can't use a gateway on LAN at all? What do you do when pfSense is sitting in between a router and the WAN? If I don't have a gateway set on LAN then pfSense can't find nodes on LAN subnets routed by our L3 switches. But if I set the gateway on LAN all routing breaks. So what can I do besides stick to 2.0.3? (on which it works)

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    You can define a gateway for LAN on System > Routing for static routes

    You should not select a gateway on Interfaces > LAN

  • o_O

    Is it really that simple? I'm going to try this tonight when I can create some downtime. Thanks!

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