Excluding a single machine from the load balacing

  • Hey guys,
    Please let me know if im posting this in the wrong place, or if I missed this info posted elsewhere.
    I support an office with two isp's. One is 50Mb synchronous and occasionally has downtime, the other is 10Mb synchronous that is very reliable but expensive. They use a pfsense 2.0 box as their main router. It handles routing, firewall, dhcp, and load balancing/failover. The only thing it doesnt do is run the wifi system (unifi).
    The load balance was setup to utilize the second connection (10Mb) and to automate failover if the 50Mb goes down. The only major issue is with the accountant connecting to her web interface for the bank. It will constantly kick her out and ask to reauthenticate credentials for the bank account. This issue only occurs in the office (works fine from home) after the load balancing was setup. My only guess is that the load balancing is confusing the bank site with the multiple IP's. I would hate to have to remove the load balancing just because of one issue with one user.
    Is there a way to exclude one machine or one mac address from the load balancing? Does anyone have a better idea?

    Let me know what you guys think.

    Thanks a bunch.


  • Rebel Alliance

    Create a "Failover" GW group, and point that Host to that group (using FW rules)


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