Need help with complex Multi-WAN

  • I am having a hard time figuring out if this is even possible! Here is my setup:

    4 WANs:
    Cable 1
    Cable 2
    Cable 3 300.300.300.1
    Cable 4 400.400.400.1

    All 4 have a modem located at

    I want to be able to go to each modems config page without changing the rule allowing LAN - thru <gateway>I was hoping to use VIPs so I could somehow translate to using the Cable 1 interface, goes thru Cable 2 etc.

    I have tried setting up VIPs, and 1:1 NAT them as follows: -> Cable 1 interface -> Cable 2 interface -> Cable 3 interface -> Cable 4 interface

    All seems well but when i try to surf there traffic gets blocked by the default rule.

    So i added a rule Pass any to (VIPs) default gateway.

    Now the traffic isnt being blocked but it times out… Out of ideas ATM so anyone know what im doing wrong or if this is even possible???


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