Using pfsense as a Lan to lan only router (No WAN) or alternative.

  • I need to rout between to different subnets which are connected to 2 different switches and I want the pfsense to act as a simple router.  Is this possible?  And if yes are there any limitations?  Any quick guide or instructions on how to set this up.  No need for wan just lan to lan in the smae office/server room.


  • Nobody knows how to do this?

  • Frankly, there are a lot of better options for straight routing, but you can use a pfSense install for simple routing. Just add routes under system, static routes. I'd recommend disabling the firewall on the advanced page also. RIP 1/2 is also available under services.

  • If there is a better solution which is as easy as pfsense to setup meaning no linux/freebsd knowledge I would use it.  I have not been able to find an easy solution.


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