Slow IPSec VPN pfSense to pfSense

  • Hi there, I am having very slow VPN speeds over our pfSense to pfSense IPSec tunnel.

    I replaced a Sonicwall with pfSense, which had three tunnels, one to another pfSense, and two to Cisco's.

    So now, the pfSense to Cisco tunnels are as fast as before, get about 4Mbps on average of our 5Mbps up/down link.

    The pfSense to pfSense is terrible. Get an average of 0.5Mbps up/down. Both are using version 2.1. It used to be about 4Mbps from Sonicwall to pfSense.

    I've tried enabling MSS clamping to 1400, NAT-T is disabled (all devices are on public IP). Using Blowfish 256bit, SHA1, DH group 2.

    Running on a Xeon.

    Any ideas on whats going on?

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