Static Routes

  • Can someone help me understand how to set static routes on pfsense?  basically in windows i would :  route add mask metric 1, and this would make it possible for me to talk to that vlan, but how do i add something like that to pfsense.  I am aware that these should actually be set at the highest level but im curious, as i see that pfsense has the ability but it is way different than windows at least for me.  Please teach me, as I am trying to learn Pfsense.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Define a gateway on System > Routing, Gateways tab
    Then add a Static Route on System > Routing, Routes tab

    If you want to do it by hand in the shell, it won't persist, but you can look at the FreeBSD man page for the route command to get more info there. Syntax is similar to what you show, but wouldn't have a metric added at the end.

  • Thanks man,  what I eneded up doing was creating a gate of on the lan interface, then pointing vlans(routes I needed) at that gateway, worked awesome, thank you for pointing in the right direction

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