Block YahooMail and Gmail thru firewall but still accessible using google chrome

  • Dear All,

    I already block the yahoo mail and gmail using the firewall rule. When I use the firefox it was block but when I use google chrome it can access the said website. Why is this happening? How can I block these website regardless what browser user is using.

    Thank you in advance

  • Dear All,

    Just for additional info. I also have a firewall rule that is blocking the facebook. When I try to access it using the firefox and google chrome browser, it has block. Why the yahoo mail and gmail blocking is only working in firefox? not in the other browser.

  • what is the method that you used to block those mentioned website : by ip address or by proxy server (access control list) or squid guard ???? can you give further details of your setting

  • Sir,

    By ip address. I also use the squidguard to block.

  • Banned

    So which one you use? You really just confused things instead of clarifying.

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