NRPEv2 package empty config xml

  • This is on PfSense 2.1, amd64.  This is a CARP/Pfsync configuration (2 firewalls).

    When installing NRPEv2 from package manager GUI, the package install completes successfully, but the GUI configuration menu for NRPEv2 never appears in the 'Services' menu. It appears that the xml downloaded during the package installation is blank:

    -rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 0 Mar 18 10:23 nrpe2.xml

    I tried fetching the file from the command prompt, but it times out:

    /root(4): fetch -4
    fetch: Operation timed out

    The hostname resolves, I can traceroute almost all the way there, but I still am unable to retrieve the config xml.  This firewall is in use by a remote warehouse, so if there were other connectivity problems, I would know about it.

    Responses to my bug report suggest that the firewall is trying to use IPv6 to connect to the package repository, but I don't have IPv6 enabled on any interface.  Using 'fetch -4' results in similar behavior.

    I have several other firewall setups that are identical (except for IP configurations, obviously)  and I'm not seeing this problem anywhere else.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Please reference my initial bug report about this:

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