Need Help Setting Multiple Wan Subnet

  • Hi,

    I have a Firebox X700: Firebox X Core and I installed PFSense on it. My ISP gave me a subnet of X.X.115.192/29 and I could use adresse 196-198 and the gateway is X.X.115.193. I asked for 8 more  and they gave me an other subnet X.X.62.128/29 and told me they would forward the this IP's to the X.X.115.193.  Right now my WAN is using the X.X.15.196 and Lan is using DHCP of 1075.10.100-150.  I was wondering if I could put these extra IP accessible via the Lan1.

    Also I have the 2 extra IP (115.197 and 115.198) I was wondering if I could send the .198 out of Lan2 (as the Firebox is set up as Wan, Lan1, Lan2, Lan3…)

    I really don't know how to set up this.


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