Can't re-create ipsec tunnel automatically if peer side poweroff

  • Dear all,

    We are using one M0n0wall Box(using M0n0wall ver. 1.22) in city A, and in city B we have one Dlink OFL 300 box create one IPSEC tunnel (as mobile ipsec) to that M0n0wall in City A, the tunnel works well; then after that Dlink box power off for some reason, Dlink box can not create that IPSEC tunnel to City A again automatically, only after releasing SA of that old tunnel on M0n0wall box of City A, Dlink can create one IPSEC tunnel to M0n0wall again. This is the problem.

    I am not sure if it is about Dead peer detection (DPD) of IPSEC. I know Pfsense is very simliar to m0nowall, so I posted my problem here. Could you help to look into this problem?

    Do DPD or other settings can fix this problem? If DPD can, Could m0n0wall or pfsense support DPD? Which version can support?

    Any hint, comment or suggestion will be highly appreciated!

    Merry Christmas!


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