Alternative router solution?

  • Looking for a router solution for routing traffic beween multiple subnets on the inside of my network behind the firewall.  I have not received very positive responses to using the pfsense in this fashion for straight lan to lan routing between separate interfaces.  Can anyone recommend a easy opensource solution which is either GUI driven or does not require previous knowledge of how to install and configure Linux or Freebsd?  Hoping for something like pfsense which pretty much works right out of the box.



  • If you know how to use pfsense then its probably a good idea to use that. if you want to learn about routing then vyatta might be worth your time. its a linux based router but personally I think its overkill for your needs

  • pfSense will do what you want, but how fast it moves packets will depend on the hardware you chose (as has been discussed in many threads).  That same limitation applies to any other choice of router software.

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