Maximum Number of processes has been reached

  • The following error is appearing within the System, General logging area every 6-10 minutes:

    system[237]: [WARNING] The maximum number of processes has been reached. Please review your configuration and consider raising 'process.max'

    Is this a PHP or kernel level error and how would one go about addressing it?

  • Ignore that its from php-fpm configuration.

  • @ermal:

    Ignore that its from php-fpm configuration.

    Can this error message be suppressed? It's annoying seeing my logs filled with the same error over and over.

  • @ermal: Could you give some explanation of this please? For our education.
    As I understand it, fpm has a number of worker processes that service requests for processing PHP code. When all those processes are busy doing something, and another PHP request arrives, this message pops out. But, is the PHP request queued, resulting in just a processing delay, or does it get thrown away, resulting in some error code on the GUI, or some work not done in a back-end?

    If requests are queued, how big is the queue? and I guess there will be another (more critical) message if the queue gets full?

    If requests are queueing, then I understand that that is a good thing on low-memory systems like Alix 2D13 256MB, rather than creating many fpm-php processes and running out of memory!

  • Well you have to understand how php-fpm works.

    It spawns processes and has provisioning for worst case.

    Since php in pfSense 'abuses' exit instead of returning from scripts the php-fpm helpers are closed after a request.
    Hence you end most of the time in respwaning a child php process when working from GUI.

    It will be solved moving forward but step-by-step.

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