Which would be better?

  • Newbie here getting ready to try pfSense and I have three old computers with similar specs, but I'm really not sure which one to use. All have 2 gigs of RAM. The processors are:

    1. Pentium 4 1.8 GHZ  2) Celeron D 2.8 GHZ  3) AMD Athlon 64 3700+  .

    I want to run it as a firewall with antivirus and squid.  The LAN will have 4 computers, 2 Xbox 360, HD Homerun, and a couple of wireless tablets. So out of the three processors, which would be the best. The two left over will be turned into NAS4FREE boxes. Thanks for any suggestions.

  • I vote for the Celeron D. While they would all work, the faster of them is what you would need since none seem to be dual core or hyper threaded. In theory it should also run cooler and should last longer.

  • Good I was hoping for the Celeron because I can't add more drives to that box for NAS. I'm hoping once we upgrade the computers here at work I can aprehend a couple of them because they are Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz with 4 GB RAM which would be much better.

  • yup, those would be better.

  • Celeron D 2.8 GHZ  is better

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