Using pfsense as just a router with a asa 5520

  • looking for further import

    I have been using pfsense for about 2 years now running on a old firebox x700, it has been a great platform

    I would like to know if i could use it with a Cisco asa 5520?

    I would like to use it on x750e similar to a Cisco 2901, can this be done?

    So the asa would be my firewall and security gateway and the x750e would be my router

    Any input would be great


  • Just my opinion, but I'd much rather have pfSense than the ASA. What's the motivation for the switch? I've got a shelf of ASAs I've replaced with pfSense…
    For a router, you can do it with pfSense (use the option to disable all filtering), but you'd probably be better off with a Cisco. It depends on what kind of routing you need.

  • My main switch is because the complaints I get about the office people having to use openvpn.

    And the people we have brought on board arent to pleased with running a firewall and router on the same box

    Would you wanna sell your shelf of ASAs

  • Because the Cisco VPN is so much better…
    I'd use pfSense for the firewall and a Cisco for the router then. That's just Cisco brainwashing- since the ASA was designed not to route, they act like it's not ok to do simple routing on the firewall- even though you can do it with an IOS firewall device.
    If you're serious and in the Chicagoland area, send a PM. I might have an old Cisco router that would suit also.

  • We got cisco ASA and Cisco 1921 in the boarder. I wonder where should I enable my cisco ipsec vpn ?

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