Disable an interface of an interface group, unexpected interface appeared

  • Hello everyone, I am new to here.

    My pfSense version is 2.1 release.

    I set 2 virtual interfaces for VLAN 10 and VLAN 20 on lagg0(interface em1 and em2 were assigned to lagg0 with Fail-over setting):
    LAN => VLAN 10
    WIFI(opt1) => VLAN 20

    An interface group Wireless included WIFI and OPT2. A few firewall rules were applied to "Wireless".
    By default setting, em0 was assigned to WAN.

    But when interface WIFI was disabled, I found this interface group Wireless was automatically added WAN interface into it.

    I don't know which board I should post this question to and whether it is OK to post to redmine.pfsense.org, so I ask it here.
    Thanks for reading.

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