Hangs on load after restore

  • Had loaded 2.2 onto device with clean install. seemed fine no issues, loaded backup of prior settings form 2.1.1 per-release, on reboot system hung at synchronizing user settings, rebooted same hang. wiped it back down installed again, tried with an older backup form 2.1 same issue. unsure what settings are causing this as i can never get past synchronizing user settings.

    for now I have moved back to 2.1.1 (mainly for the IPsec fix) no issues loading there. if you want a copy of either backup file i can send them. and if you want me to try reinstall again to pull data or make changes i can starting Monday.

    I was upgrading to help test ipSEC, as i use it on android/MAC/PC

  • There was tracker code put into filter.inc that broke the rules. Seems that it is not supported by pf or the rule is malformed. These are the default rules. After removing the code, mine started working.

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