Traffic Shaping DSL Configuration Request

  • Hi,

    I am requesting some help, i am new with pfSense and the APU.

    Here is my configuration
    Internet Access (WAN, re0) : - DSL, Download 13Mbs, Upload 1,1Mbs

    • Should move in 2-3 months to Fiber Download 500Mbs, Upload 200Mbs (not yet available !!!)

    Local Network (LAN, re1) : - connected an Airport Extreme (AC version)

    I have an APU from PC Engines connected on the WAN port to a TP-LINK ADSL modem.
    I am using pfSense 2.1 on the SSD m.SATA on the APU, installed with the memstick image on a SD card.

    I would like to have a shaping scenario with the following :
    0) ACK queues for Asymetric links It seems to be better to reserved space for ACK back , correct ?

    1) VOIP Traffic (need to guarantee a good quality for each call, average 2, max 4) : - Connected to the Airport Extreme a Femto 3G box creating an IPSec tunnel (UDM 4500) to allow up to 4 GSM call.
    -> how to handle this as VOIP trafic ?

    • FaceTime Audio call trough Wifi, Skype Audio call trough Wifi need to be secured as well
      -> how to handle this as VOIP trafic ?

    2) Videoconference call (need to guarantee the video quality) - FaceTime Video call trough Wifi

    • Skype Video call trough Wifi

    3) Video Traffic (need to guarantee the video quality) - watching on the TV movies trough the AppleTV

    • watching TV on the iPad using apps connected to Internet

    4) Internet Data Default Traffic - Mac, PC

    • iPhone, iPad
    • etc…

    5) Specific Apps to « moderate » - I am using Dropbox with a Business Account (I have today 6T used), the problem is when there is a big update, upload or download, the pipe is fill immediately by Dropbox and block the pipe for others
    -> How to limit and control this ?

    6) Default Traffic, or Penalty ?

    Schedulers - HFSC, seems to be the most appropriate ?

    pfSense Wizard - i have try to do a first setup but it’s incomplete

    • how to add queue for specify traffic like Dropbox ?
    • how to identify new traffic pattern (FaceTime, Skype, Video, etc…)

    I would like to have some help to setup this shaping policy where i am sure it could useful for others due to common traffic used in my case.
    I don’t know how to start, or what to modify to be able to achieve my goal.

    Many thanks in advance.

    :) :) :)

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