2 minutes or more delay opening Dashboard

  • I don't know if I would call this a bug, but it is certainly an annoyance.

    I am in the middle of nowhere so I get my connectivity via fixed wireless.  I have two towers/connections that I use for fail-over.  Connectivity is pretty good, but my enemy is ice.  A little bit of freezing rain can knock me off-line.  Other weather conditions, foliage, etc. can also have a negative impact and introduce delays.  For this reason, I monitor my gateways and have the gateway widget on my dashboard.

    The problem is that when both gateways are off-line opening the dashboard can take as long as 3 minutes.

    By this I mean that I navigate with the browser to the address of the pfSense box, type in my credentials at the prompt, and then everything sits for at several minutes until the dashboard finally appears.    The first couple of times it happened I thought that pfSense had died and restarted the firewall.  By now, I know that when this happens, both gateways are down, and since it thankfully only happens a couple of times each year. I know to just be patient.

    If there was a way to get the dashboard to display right away it would eliminate a couple of minutes of worry that something else was wrong, and might keep someone else from restarting the firewall when there was no need to do so.

  • If your internet connection is completely down (since all of your gateways are down), it might be your browser and not pfSense. If you use https, your browser may decide to try and do some certificate verification, but will have to timeout first before it let's you proceed.

    You may want to do a network capture on your client to see exactly what is happening - is it pfSense waiting 3 min or something else.

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    If your internet is totally down, the slowdown is due to broken DNS.

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    try disable the automatic update dashboard check

    In system-firmware-upgrade settings
    Dashboard check
    Disable the automatic dashboard auto-update check.

    If your connections are down your going to have issues with dns as mentioned, you could see if turning this off helps the dashboard display faster.

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