The image file is corrupt.

  • Downloading new version information…done
    Obtaining current version information...done

    click update and

    The image file is corrupt.
    Update cannot continue

    I can not go from 2.1.1 release to 2.2.  I feel that some file is left on drive that is causing this.  But I do not know what file to remove or what to do to fix.

    I used the link

    I run AMD64 version

  • I guess, I have a related issue. I have installed one of the 2.2 snapshots a couple of days ago. Now I wanted to update it to the latest one using the .tgz file. However, I got an error stating that "The uploaded image file is not for this platform.". Both the installed system and the update are amd64, so that shouldn't be the actual cause for error.

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