Lightsquid : problem on refresh after changing quota

  • Hello,

    I followed the post bellow in order to change the quota level from 10 Mo to 500 Mo : :

    Question :
    "Users who exceed 10.0 M bytes, per user quota"
    Can you tell us in which config file I can change this?
    Answer :
    inconfig '/usr/local/etc/lightsquid/lightsquid.cfg' see variable
    #user maximum size per day limit (oversize)
    $perusertrafficlimit = 1010241024;
    but this change to firts webgui change.
    For forever change see and modify '/usr/local/etc/lightsquid/lightsquid.cfg.dist' (webgui take this as source)
    This option used only for reporting, but nothing to limit user quota.

    It works for the new reports, howerver the old reports are not refreshed on that "index" page bellow, how can I do that ?

    Old reports not refreshed in this "index" page :

    New report ok, both on the "index" page above, and on the detail page :

    Old reports not ok on the "index" page, but ok on the detail page :

    Thank you for reading and for your help.

    Pfsense 2.0.1-RELEASE (amd64)
    Lightsquid 1.8.2 pkg v.2.33

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