Neoware E100 with Pfsense

  • I have a question and i hope you could answer it :)

    We are renting rooms in Germany to local students with free internet included. Last time we receive notices from a lawyer that someone is downloading movies illegal and that that he has to pay for it. Because he don't know who it is, he sends the bill to us (understandable).

    So we want to setup a captive login page where they have to login first and that everything will be logged what they are doing. A better idea would be closing ports for torrents etc. but that seems to be tricky.

    So i found a Neoware E100 thin client with a 256mb DoM module in it. Will this be accepted by Pfsense latest version? And if not, is it possible to go back to an old version which accepts the 256mb dom?

    And is it also possible to log everything under the specific username or even better, to block ports for torrents etc.?

  • Nobody can help me with this?

  • Banned

    Your lawyer should help you with obviously bogus trolling like this. (And no, there is no 256MB pfSense image, let alone leaving a room for insane amount of logging.)

  • Some random lawyer sending your bills doesn't sound to me like something that stands any ground.

    In switzerland there are various places to get help with situations like this.
    I'm sure in germany there are similar agencies available (see )

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