Why is pfSense responding to ssh, ping and all other traffic? - SOLVED

  • pfSense Setup for interfaces:

    WAN (MAC 00:00:00:00:00:AA) - VLAN50 = (Actually this is a really public /24 address in real setup)
    InternalNet1 (MAC 00:00:00:00:00:BB) - VLAN60 =
    InternalNet2 (MAC 00:00:00:00:00:CC) - VLAN70 =

    • NOTE: I am just using these MAC address to keep this simple and easy to follow.  These are not the really MAC addresses

    pfSense setup for NAT

    1:1 -> ->

    pfSense setup for Firewall Rules

    WAN = Fully opened into both InternalNet1 and InternalNet2 with all protocols  (NO RESTRICTIONS)
    InternalNet1 = Fully opened for all protocols - (NO RESTRICTIONS)
    InternalNet2 = Fully opened for all protocols - (NO RESTRICTIONS)

    The test (Both and are both running fresh install of CentOS 6.4 with iptables disabled.)

    1.  On I run tcpdump to monitor network communications
    2.  On I run:
          # ping  - This works on both servers.  Meaning I see replies on and I see the ICMP packets being received and sent on -  GREAT SO FAR
    3.  On I run:
          # ping - This DOES NOT WORK FULLY - Meaning, I see the replies on, but I DO NOT see any traffic via the tcpdump running on

    NOTE:  when I capture the packets on pfsense FW and show details, I see the when I run step 3 above the MAC addresses that are communicating are

    MAC Address for and InternalNet2 (00:00:00:00:00:CC)

    Why is pfSense not passing traffic through to and answering this requests?  This is ALSO true for when I attempt to ssh from to  I get the login prompt for pfsense and not the actual server?

    I know this is long and complex, but this is driving my crazy.

    Thank you big time for all the take the time to understand and reply.


  • Solved - Here is what I did and it was so simple.

    For the two server, and I enabled NAT reflection for the 1:1 NAT.  After that, I was able to ping, ssh and everything else just fine using the public IP address.

    Thank you


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