Working hardware in PC Engines's APU boards.

  • My results so far using APU.1B (beta board), BIOS updated to apu_bios_20140329.rom & pfSense 2.1:

    miniPCI express cards:

    AzureWave AR5BXB63 (Atheros AR5007EG): works after updating BIOS.
    Broadcom BCM4311KFBG: not available for selection in console/(assign) in webui.
    Compex WLE200NX (Atheros AR9280): N mode causes kernel panic, with G mode no panics but interface stays inactive.

    I will expand this list whenever I get the chance to try something new.
    Please share your results.


  • Just tested the Intel 4965AGN on 2.1.1 with no luck  :-\

    I have added to /boot/loader.conf.local the line below but it didn't help:


    BTW the 4g-i386-nanobsd image does not fit on a 4GB Sandisk SD Card, I had to use the 2g-i386-nanobsd image.

  • Can you just confirm that you do have the (presumably early "beta" build) APU.1B board?
    The production board currently being sold is the APU.1C
    I have no idea what things are changed/fixed on APU.1C that might make some add-on cards work in APU.1C and not APU.1B, but it would be useful to also have APU.1C results.

  • I have the APU.1B it is a beta board, PC Engines' support said it does not make a difference between 1B & 1C related to this.

    I have tested all of these under IPFire & I got the same results as on pfSense, even though people reported that the WLE200NX works with the APU.1C

    I will get the .1C revision soon then I can test again, but would be great to know results others get not just with Wireless ;D


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I don't know the original make/model as it was a system pull from an Acer Aspire One, but this card works fine:

    ath0: <atheros 2424="" 5424=""> mem 0xfea00000-0xfea0ffff at device 0.0 on pci4
    ath0: [ITHREAD]
    ath0: AR2425 mac 14.2 RF5424 phy 7.0</atheros>

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