Haproxy-devel 1.5-dev22 pkg v 0.7 on 2.1 - fatal error

  • Hi!

    Installed haproxy-devel 1.5-dev22 pkg v 0.7 on pfSense 2.1 and I am getting the following error on Frontend tab:

    Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /usr/local/www/haproxy_listeners.php on line 184 

    Can't configure because of that.
    Anyone knows how to fix or should I submit a bug to bug tracker?

  • Some update - uninstalled haproxy-devel, installed "Release 1.4.24 pkg v 1.2.4 platform: 2.0", configured some frontend, removed it and re-installed haproxy-devel again. It works, because config from release version is imported in devel.

    I will probably need to submit bug for the packageā€¦

  • Hi dgcom,

    Thanks for reporting this haproxy-devel issue, ill take a look at fixing that tomorow. (I have not started empty for some time, so never noticed..)

    Greets PiBa-NL

  • Ok, Great! Thank you for working in this package and looking into the issue.

    For me, haproxy-devel became a replacement for outdated and broken STunnel package, so far works good.

  • Hi dgcom,

    Should get fixed soon, pull-request send: https://github.com/pfsense/pfsense-packages/pull/636

    Greets PiBa-NL

  • Thank you! It may come handy next time I build something like this from scratch.

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