Fit-PC or Hacom

  • Hello,

    Anybody has got experience on running pfsense on either hacom or fitPC?

    was trying to find out better hardware for running pfsense based proxy server com firewall for internet cafe.

    was meantime considering Mars OpenBrick-M D525 Firewall Appliance/Mars Twitter D525 Firewall Appliance…But wont jump in instantly without hearing from you first...


  • If $$ is not an issue then go for the OpenBrick. You may be able to assemble the same config for a cheaper price.

    fitPC is ok. I think I have seen posts where folks had issues with the installs.

  • i couldnt find any barebone hardware that will match ….closest ive seen was the soekris6501-70... i just wanna make sure am not buying a device with lots of buggy issues..was totally disappointed with my previous buy

  • Bandwidth requirements?  Running squid & squidguard on a D525 Atom might not be a great idea depending on what kind of connection you've got.

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