Alix and intel error

  • I have errors loading modules on ipw_bss_fw,  ipw_bss_fw, ipw_monitor at boot up on 2.1 version

    It says to read license and then enter  set legal_ipw.license_ack=1 in /boot/loader.conf

    I have tried to edit file but it is read only. not sure what to do to change it to rw, the whole CF is read only.

    ant ideas

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    Are you actually using any of those cards?

  • I have no idea what the files are for or what cards, I bought the Alix boards, ready built in the nice red box and everything loaded on a compact flash, wireless cards installed, just as advertised in shop when you log on to pfsence, I just want to plug and go within reason, follow the basic configurations and I expect it to work.

    I have not done any programming since the days of 6502 assembler so a bit rusty

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    Uh… Maybe, if you can read the warnings, you could as well read the rest of the boot log and see what wifi cards are being used? Failing that - does WiFi work? If yes, forget about the "issue".

  • You may add a /boot/loader.conf.local file by touch command for addational config settings. Then just edit it and add the line "legal.intel_ipw.license_ack=1".

    Then the error massages will be gone.

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