Lost internet connectivity (Possible NAT issue) [[SOLVED]]

  • Long story short

    I was trying to setup another WAN interface(making a primary/standby) setup, and then the firewall stopped NAT'ing traffic to the internet.

    It's able to build IPSEC VPN tunnels
    It's able to ping IP addresses from the WAN interface
    It's able to ping IP addresses from the LAN interface

    NAT is set to automatic, and setting it to manual did not work.

    The firewall rules do not show that its blocking any outbound traffic
    I've reset the states table one, and rebooted the firewall twice with no avail.


    I had to go to System > Gateways > Click on Edit for my WAN GW > Check the box next to "Default Gateway" which also says "Default Gateway" with the description of "This will select the above gateway as the default gateway"

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