Can not access Servers behind pfsense when there is internet

  • Hello !!
    I'm wonderring why I can not acces my servers (ping, rdp,… ) behind pfsense firewall when I connect to internet with a local modem plugged to my PC (Internet usb key plugged to my PC).
    So help me please !!

    Thanks !

  • Not sure. I think more details are required. Are you disconnecting from the internal network when you hook up internet to your PC?
    Everything is blocked by default, did you create NAT rules and firewall rules to allow traffic?

  • yes when I connect to internet from my PC using usb modem then the connection to server witch pass throw the pfsense is lost
    and all become normal when I disconnect

  • Can you post what NAT rules and FW rules you put in place?

  • When your modem connects to the internet it probably sets up an additional network connection with a default gateway and routes all the traffic over it.
    If this is the problem you can fix it by adding a static route to your PC for the server network.

  • Post network map please.

  • Thanks for all answers !
    Here is JP the netword map.

    P.S : the connection to internet is not from the Firewall but from my PC


  • You cannot just put your PC in line to the internet and expect it to work. There is a lot you would need to do even get that working. You can hook it up in parallel with your pfSense machine.
    What are you trying to accomplish?

  • If your trying to access your public IP from the local network you want to enable the nat-proxy in advanced settings. IF your having trouble even pinging your public IP I suspect you are suffering from double-nat ( is your modem a router as well? )

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