IPv6 do not wok if IPv4 is configured on the LAN

  • Hello Everybody,

    I passed last couple of days trying to solve an apparently simple problem, unsuccessfully.

    I am configuring a pfSense 2.1 to work as a firewall/router (without nat). I configured a WAN and two LANs (I think one LAN is enough to reproduce the problem).

    The WAN has one static address for IPv4 and one for IPv6. The connectivity (IPv4 and IPv6) on the WAN works great.

    Now the problem, If I configure a static IPv4 address (only) for the LAN IPv4 connectivity works, if I configure a static IPv6 address (only) for the LAN IPv6 connectivity works, if I configure a static IPv4 address and IPv6 address then IPv4 connectivity works but IPv6 do NOT work any more. Not even the router advertisement are sent, no IPv6 is answered by an host on the LAN.

    I tried the same configuration with a yesterday snapshot (2.1.1 PRERELEASE), but without improvement.

    I am not a pfSense expert, so maybe I am missing something, or maybe this is a bug generally known (I read someone in the forum cited something similar but no answer… I hope to be luckier).

    Any suggestion will be more than welcome.

    I thank you in advance for any contribution you would like to provide

    Best regards


  • Some screenshots of your WAN and LAN configuration as well as DHCP, DHCPv6 and Router Advertisements could be really useful. In case you have altered firewall and NAT rules also include these. And we will take it from there. :-)

  • Thanks to everybody and apologies,

    I am restarting all configuration from scratch (I did not finished yet, but I believe I am on the right way).

    Anyway I think the many changes I operated stratified badly compromising somehow the final result with unreasonable results.

    Should I get in trouble again I will provide more details.

    Thanks again and regards


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