Cannot access gmail when bypassing proxy server (sometimes not always !!!!????)

  • hi all

    i have local network protected by pfSense proxy server, i have some users going through the proxy (i change their browser proxy setting : i checked the box "use a proxy server for your LAN" then i enter the ip address of my pfSense ) in order to restrict the access of some website, in the same time i have other user that bypass the proxy server so that they have open internet (by not checking that box in their browser),

    the problem is that : those users who bypass the proxy server cannot open gmail in their browser, but as soon as i check that box i can access gmail, i uncheck the box i cannot access gmail, ant the most strange and weird thing is that : this happen only sometimes not always

    really any help will be very appreciated, thank you very much

  • here is my network map

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