Kernel Crash

  • This is a virtualized pfSense installation. It's running on ESX 4.1.0. It's been running for at least a couple years now with no problem. Any ideas on what would have caused it to crash? This install of pfSense used to handle Teamspeak with around 20-30 people at a time, tv/movie downloads, website (very very low usage), and general internet traffic. Now it only handles website traffic, backup from another location, and general traffic. The only thing I was doing at the time was I just set up a Crashplan backup from another location to a VM (that has a USB drive attached).

    If you need any more information, please yell at me and say I'm stupid for not providing enough. Any help is appreciated  :)

    Also, I would like to thank everyone that is involved with the creation and development of pfSense, it is a great software/os.

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