Need to configure 2 LAN for 2 AP

  • Hi,

    I have an WAN on static IP:, 1 LAN on static IP, DHCP - and 2 AP.

    I want to have 2 LANs such that each AP is sending to its LAN. AP1->LAN1 and AP2->LAN2.  I need this to be sure if one AP is down, all traffic is sent to another LAN thourgh its AP.

    I configured a new LAN in interfaces, gave it IP:, DHCP and made in firewall the same rule as for the first LAN. It is not working, I do not understand why.


    Thank you very much!

  • Learn about subnets first. Each LAN is has to be a different subnet. Also, LAN DHCP is starting from, which is your pfSense LAN address - I am surprised that pfSense even lets you do these things, I thought there was a lot more validation in the GUI these days.
    Change LAN DHCP range to start from
    Make the new LAN in a different subnet, like with a DHCP range of whatever you like from .2 up.

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