Squid dynamic caching url with ?

  • Does anyone know how I can cache a video with the following type of url?

    example http://i.somedomain.com/videotitle.mp4?cat=some-catagory

    I'm very new to squid and FreeBSD. I'm learning a lot by searching but so far I haven't figured out how to cache the above video. I've been able to cache videos that end  with .mp4 but that question mark in the url, I always see a miss.

    any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • this acl is created while caching windows update is selected on squid3-dev.

    # Windows Update refresh_pattern
    range_offset_limit -1
    refresh_pattern -i microsoft.com/.*\.(cab|exe|ms[i|u|f]|asf|wm[v|a]|dat|zip) 4320 80% 43200 reload-into-ims
    refresh_pattern -i windowsupdate.com/.*\.(cab|exe|ms[i|u|f]|asf|wm[v|a]|dat|zip) 4320 80% 43200 reload-into-ims
    refresh_pattern -i windows.com/.*\.(cab|exe|ms[i|u|f]|asf|wm[v|a]|dat|zip) 4320 80% 43200 reload-into-ims

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