Losing connection to web interface when adding VLAN interfaces

  • thank you for your time.

    we have a pfsense on a dell machine with a single network card. we want to use the machine as a firewall between two networks with a single network card by using VLANs on the single physical interface.

    we install pfsense and it shows one physical adapter, we can log into the web interface and create two VLANs and use the physical adapter as the parent. Then we add the VLANs to the interface webpage and we lose the connection (web page says it cannot connect) to the web interface for some reason when we add the VLANs to the interface page. We suspect when we add new VLAN interfaces to the single physical network interface that it changes the physical interface from a single untagged access port type into a trunk port that is able to accept packets with VLAN information. but what about the physical interface with our static IP that we used to access the web interface in the first place? what is odd is we can ping the web interface IP but cannot access the web interface. any ideas? if the interface is setup with two vlans, what vlan is our original web interface on then?

  • Is there any reason why you cannot add anymore network cards?

    Adding VLANS can be tricky but it sounds like it should be working from what you have described . Have you tried connecting to either of the VLANS to access the web GUI ?

    Also check interface assignment after you have them setup via the console . I find sometimes using the GUI the interface assignment can not be as expected.

  • Try disabling the firewall by issuing this command : pfctl -d, then try to access. Once you gain access check your firewall rules.

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