2 DHCP (mac) based static IPs with 2 VLANs and 1 WAN failover with static IP

  • HI.

    Just wanted to hear an opinion because i think this is possible with pfsense, but need to confirm before buying hardware:

    Got a DSL provider giving out 2 static IPs … they are DHCP ( mac based ) static IPs.

    Also have a 4G wireless modem for a "backup" internet connection, but the wireless modem is not set to bridge mode it just releases IPs in a private range ( can set a static IP on pfsense "backup" wan interface and route to default gateway on 4G router/modem )

    2 separate VLANs, each "assigned" to it's own static IP address with DHCP server on one VLAN, the other VLAN gets DHCP from windows server ( have devices that need access behind NAT )

    when main connection gets lost, need the incoming connections on 4G modem to redirect traffic to only "one" of  the VLANs.

    So this is how it should work, hopefully...

    DHCP "static" IP for VLAN1 is - internal VLAN network
    DHCP "static" IP for VLAN2 is - internal VLAN network

    STATIC IP on 4G backup router pfsense wan interface is, but actual dynamic public ip varies -  both VLANs use this connection when main modem dies.

    Lets say ports 80, 443 incoming on need to redirect to
    and port 8080 incoming on need to redirect to

    port 8080 incoming on needs to go to

    hopefully outgoing VLAN traffic will go out it's proper public IP

    When the main connection breaks, both VLANs should still have outgoing internet access but incoming traffic (dyndns ) on 4G modem should go to on ports 80,443 and on port 8080

    each WAN interface ( 2 ports used for the DHCP static IPs modem ) will be plugged in to its own port on router, also each VLAN will use its own port on router.

    Does this seem doable ? are there any restrictions here ? ( i understand that because this DSL modem is mac based for static IPs i will have to have a switch between the modem and split one WAN connection into 2 for each DHCP static IP )

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